Sildenafil Citrate

From all sexual disorders, impotence is by far the one that most men fear. This is due to the fact that men tend to attach much more importance to sex than women and almost no guy can imagine a healthy and long-lasting relationship without good sex. And even though the most common opinion is that impotence affects only older men, this is not always the case; even males younger than forty, who lead perfectly normal, healthy, and fulfilling lives, can get affected as well. The causes are different in each case, but are commonly divided into physical or psychological (emotional); while the former have to be looked into by a medical professional, the latter can lead to temporary erectile dysfunction, which can go away on its own as time passes.

If you are experiencing erectile problems, do not assume right away that this is impotence; the temporary inability to get an erection can be caused by the lack of experience, stress, and depression, previous bad experiences, but if the problems persist for a few months, then it is best to seek professional medical advice. And if you have been diagnosed with impotence, then you have quite a few treatment options to choose from; of course, these treatments can be therapy, medication, penis pumps, penile injections, or even surgery. Some of these options are quite outdated, while others are still used today and very effective; and even though each treatment has its pros and cons, the synthetic drugs seem to be the preferred choice by most doctors and patients.


 February 27th, 2016